Off-Grid Solar Systems

Power where it’s needed. Anytime. Anywhere.

Off-Grid Solar Power is perfect for anyone who needs their very own standalone energy system. It’s ideal for any property that is unable to get utility service (such as a resort or a house in a remote location), or for anyone who wants guaranteed electricity in the event of a grid failure or disaster.

We have a quality off-grid power solution to fit your needs but also be installed by a team that provides exceptional service and communication from start to finish, backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.With over 12 years experience in designing and installing bespoke off-grid power systems for remote domestic and commercial buildings. Since 2010 we have specialized in custom-designed renewable energy solutions for clients not just in the Kenya but also throughout the East African region.

Designing your bespoke off-grid energy system

If you live in an isolated area that has no access to an electricity supply, have been quoted an exorbitant fee to be connected to the national grid, or simply have the desire to be completely self-sufficient, we have the knowledge and experience to design the perfect off-grid power system to best suit your exact needs.

Reliability is key and each system is completely different, so to get an idea of cost and to gain a better understanding of what type of system you require.