Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar lighting solutions built to last.

Commercial & Residential Outdoor lighting Solutions

Solar lights are one of the best ways to save on your home's outdoor and indoor lighting costs, add ambiance to your garden, and to provide extra security for your home. Kastom energy offers a range of lighting options including: solar lamps, solar lanterns, solar garden lights, solar flood lights, solar security lights, solar street lights, and more, that are unique in design and that have been specifically designed to perform in African conditions.

Solar Lights

In most parts of Kenya, the sun shines for about 70% of daylight hours. All that sunlight calls for solar lighting, as both an energy efficient and cost effective way of generating light. What’s more, solar lighting technology has improved significantly in recent years, making it a more reliable light source.

No more fading in the middle of an evening garden party! Solar lighting can be utilized to work beautifully around the perimeter of the house, as well as in the garden. Positioned strategically, it not only works as a functional addition to your outdoor space, but also as a decorative element highlighting key features and accents.

  • Whether you require ambiance or illumination.
  • The area that needs to be illuminated.
  • What sort of aesthetic you require.
  • How many hours per night the light needs to stay on for.
  • Whether you require a motion sensor light or a continuous light.

Solar lights are compact and efficient and work out more cost effective than designing a system to power existing lights. With our extensive range available, we are bound to have something suitable for your requirements.