Solar Water Pumping & Irrigation Systems

We supply and install solar-powered water pumps and complete solar water solutions that deliver unmatched flexibility for reliable water supply with no ongoing energy costs.

Solar pumps are an energy efficient, environmentally friendly way to pump water for a variety of domestic and commercial purposes, including agricultural and residential purposes.

We offer a wide range of solar water pumping products, experience and after sales service support in the field of submersible solar borehole pumps, solar irrigation systems, solar drinking water solutions, solar bulk water supply as well as solar swimming pool products and circulation pumps. On the right is a great introduction video on solar water pumping and our solutions.

Cost Saving Benefits

Aside from the economic and environmental benefits of solar powered water pumps, there are a number of other advantages that make them more attractive than battery or conventionally powered pumps. For instance:

  • As they don’t rely on electricity or produce dangerous toxins, solar pumps are safe
  • Solar power pumps can be used to supply heat to homes and public buildings
  • They operate quietly
  • Are self-priming, and
  • Are easy to install